• Raven that sings at Dawn(Raven)

    Okay so hey, its raven here! I was just wondering if any of you were interested in making fan clans/tribes, or having a tribe page on this site. Any opinions welcome!

    Raven that sings at Dawn(Raven) (talk) 18:36, January 19, 2013 (UTC)Raven

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  • Bright star


    January 18, 2013 by Bright star

    Cinderheart is a ThunderClan cat, somehow related to Cinderpelt.

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  • Un4gettable27

    The whole reason why I designed this wiki is yes, to provide information about things, but also to have fun. This Wiki is and should remain a safe and fun enviroment, with photos, polls, achievement badges to earn, and more! Anyway, follow these links to some fun stuff to do and read!

    • Poll: Fav Clan
    • Clans: ThunderClan
    • The Warrior Code
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