This is a glossary of the mentionable words that the Clans use often.

Catspeak: Humanspeak

Crow-food: rotting food

Fox dung: an insult; stronger offense than mouse-dung

Gathering: a meeting that the Clans hold in peace at every full moon

Greencough: a severe chest infection, which can be fatal in elders and young kits

Greenleaf: summer

Greenleaf Twolegplace: a place where humans visit only in summer (campsite, resort, etc.)

Halfbridge: a dock

Horseplace: fields and stables near the lake there half-tamed cats live

Housefolk: a house cat's word for its humans

Kittypet: a house cat

Leaf-bare: winter

Leaf-fall: fall/autumn

Loner: cat that lives peacefully on its own in one place but doesn't defend its territory

Monster: usually refers to human machines such as cars and bulldozers

Moonhigh: the time of night when the moon is at its highest, often midnight.

Mouse-brained:not very smart

Mouse dung: a curse; not as offensive as fox-dung

Newleaf: springtime

Nofurs:(see "twolegs")

One moon:

Rogue:a cat that is neither a Warrior nor a Kittypet-a wilder and more aggressive version of a loner.

Sharing tongues: exchanging pleasantries

Silverpelt: the night sky

Sun-drown-place:a place on the Lake Territory where, at sunset, the sun appears to "drown"

Sunhigh: around noon

Thunderpath:the road


Twolegs: humans

Twoleg nest: human houses

Twolegplace: neighborhood

Upwalkers:(see "twolegs") used by Purdy in the New Prophecy series

Whitecough: mild chest infection