Delicate tortoiseshell she-cat. Brave, restless, quick to act. Saw being a medicine cat as a different type of warrior, fighting the invisible enemies of injuries and illnesses. Saved an entire litter of kits after nursury was washed away by flood.


Pretty white she-cat, black spotted pelt. Blue eyes, strikingly pink nose. Charming, quick thinking. Good at getting anything her own wya. (Crookedstar did anything she asked!) Cautious about interpreting StarClan's messages. Came up with clever way of hiding medicinal herbs in fresh kill so sick kits would eat them.


Long haired, light brown tom. Patient, intellegent, straightforward. Interpreted the moth's wing sign to choose his new apprentice, despite her non-Clan origins.


Beautiful dappled golden she-cat. Amber eyes, triangular face, long pelt that ripples with dark tabby stripes. Daughter of Sasha (a rogue cat) and Tigerstar. She struggles for acceptance by her Clan. Doesn't believe in StarClan.