Black tom, white ears, chest, and two white paws. Inquiring, curious, thoughtful, sometimes appeared shy and reserved. Very interested in the therory of medicine. Didn't like dealing with sickly kits. Discovered difference between whitecough and greencough, and identified catnip as possible cure.


Pale silvery-gray tom, amber eyes, unusually long, feathery whiskers, sweeping plume of a tail. Sunstar's medicine cat and brother. Gentle, sweet-natured, kind mentor. Passed on his compassion and deep connection with StarClan to his apprentice. (Spottedleaf) Worked tirelessly to save Clan during greencough epidemic. That ultimately killed him.


Beautiful dark tortoiseshell she-cat, amber eyes, white paws, black-tipped tail, distinctive dappled coat. Skilled interpreter of StarClan's messages, recieved prophecy that led to Bluestar to bring Rusty into the Clan, walks in dreams of ThunderClan cats, especially Firestar's.


Ornery gray she-cat, bright orange eyes, broad, flattened face. Gifted healer, though bad-tempered and difficult. Helped rescue ThunderClan kits from ShadowClan. Became medicine cat after Spottedleaf was killed. Died as lived: fighting to save Clan.


Fluffy gray she-cat, large blue eyes. Bright and energetic, boundless enthusiasm. Quick learner, could've been agile warrior if not for injury. Nursed two ShadowClan cats back to health against orders. Nursed Bluestar back to health after she contracted greencough. Save Brightpaw's life after she was mauled by dog pack. Died fighting to save Sorreltail.


Small light brown tabby, amber eyes, white paws and chest. Quiet and soft-spoken. Leafpool and her sister are able to share each other's feelings and dreams. Found Moonpool. Saved RiverClan from deadly Twoleg poison. Nursed Clan back to health after badger attack. She faces a destiny unlike any other medicine cat before her according to StarClan.